The Xenergy Tool container can be used as mobile service workshop and safe storage place. This makes our container the ideal solution for projects where not all facilities are present or where a private work/storage space is desired.

Our Tool container can be used as a standalone workshop used by your own crew. But it is also possible to rent the Tool container together with qualified Xenergy foremen or technicians. When renting you can display your own name and logo on the side.

The Xenergy workshop containers is equipped with

  • Welded steel racks above and below (with 40 mm wooden top)
  • Various lockable drawer cabinets with 40 mm wood work surface
  • High lockable steel Cabinet
  • Various wall hooks with extension cords and air hoses
  • Various rails and wall hooks with lifting equipment
  • Wall hooks with slogging spanners
  • Fuse box (230/400V, 32 AMP) with various Sockets
  • Fluorescent lighting fixtures with switches
  • Mobile Workbench with grinder
  • Small lathe, up to 550 mm between the centers
  • Drill press on movable support
  • Air tools
  • An extensive selection of hand tools
  • Various consumer items in consultation

The container can be equipped with

  • Hydraulic torque and/or tensioning set, composition in consultation
  • A Borescope
  • Laser alignment tools
  • An automatic magnetic drilling system
  • An Induction Bolt Heating System

In addition to an extensive selection of hand tools we have in our mobile workshop a selection off most common lifting and hoisting equipment. If your desired lifting equipment is not present in our standard configuration, we can still arrange that it is added to the equipment. It goes without saying that all tools are, when applicable, equipped with a valid certificate.
Electrical equipment is certified according to the NEN3140 directive.
Hoisting equipment is certified according to the EG Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG, appendix II-A