Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer

Tasks and responsibilities:

As a Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer you will be responsible for the service, maintenance and repairs of existing rotating equipment. Management and motivation of other Rotating Equipment Engineers will be one of your tasks, next to organising and keeping toolbox meetings, work place instructions and inspections. You will supervise procedures and regulations.

 Place within the organisation:

The Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer is under the direct supervision of the Technical Advisor or Project Manager of Xenergy Services. You will be in command of the Junior Rotating Equipment Engineers. Furthermore, you will be accountable to the internal organisation of Xenergy Services.

Customer service:

When you are working independently, without a Technical Advisor or Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer present, you are responsible for communicating with the customer about the progress of the project, the planning and in case of problems. When a Supervisor or Senior is present, all communication goes through them. Safety issues or unsafe situations will be discussed with the customer.


When applicable, you will be in command of the Junior Rotating Equipment Engineers. You take responsibility for the safety and the results of the work.


The Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer has the authority to prioritise activities, correct the execution of work of Junior Rotating Engineers, and in rare situations remove them from the working area. You will check machinery, materials and activities on HSE grounds, and when necessary, adjust or stop the activities. Further, you will take action when Rotating Equipment Engineers do not follow instructions.

Working area:

The equipments you are working on are located at different areas in several countries. Your working area will be all over the world.

Training, education and growth possibilities:

As a Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer you will be accompanied by a Technical Advisor who will teach you the appropriate skills and working procedures, so you will eventually be able to be promoted to Technical Advisor. This training is most of all practical in nature and will be supported by courses when desirable.



  •    Intermediate vocational education level
  •    A relevant degree in Engineering, for instance Mechanical Engineering
  •    Extensive knowledge on rotating equipment
  •    HSE certification (SCC)
  •    Good understanding (verbal and written) of Dutch, English and German
  •    The ability to write detailed inspection and maintenance reports
  •    The ability to read and understand construction drawings
  •    Alignment


  •    Flexibility
  •    Customer directed
  •    Team player
  •    Accuracy
  •    Good analytical skills
  •    Management skills
  •    Planning and organising
  •    Being able to express yourself well

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